Benefits of Phantom Screens

Phantom Screen Facts You Should Know

  • Phantom Retractable Screens reduce heat and glare, offer insect control, provide natural ventilation and increase energy savings…and then disappear to restore unobstructed views.
  • Phantom Screens offer solutions to a myriad of design challenges in designing energy efficient buildings with a connection to the outdoors: they can provide solar protection to lower energy costs and increase occupant comfort while promoting ventilation, insect protection and enhanced privacy.
  • Motorized retractable screens that are connected to sun and wind sensors or to home automation systems can be programmed to retract and lower the screens before solar heat gain occurs.  Phantom Screen’s sensor also retracts the screens in excessive winds, which would otherwise be difficult to monitor.  By installing Phantom Screens Executive series on the exterior further contributes to reducing heat load and glare, and boosting natural daylight.
  • Retractable screens offer solutions in several of the LEED-NC v3 categories.  Credits are earned for reducing energy use – and with their ability to reduce daytime glare and the amount of air conditioning required to cool building interiors, retractable screens offer potential to contribute to LEED credits in several areas.
  • Architects, builders and designers can access and download product drawings and review case studies on various Phantom Screen product applications at