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Phantom Screens: the leader in retractable screens

Phantom Screens are custom sized for every application, installed by professionals, and are designed to blend seamlessly with the existing design of your home.

What makes a Phantom Screen unique is the retractable feature of the screen itself. 

Unlike conventional insect screens, Phantom retractable screens do not obstruct views; they are there when needed and retract out of sight when not in use.

Phantom Screens are suitable for both commercial and residential projects.  With a wide selection of insect and solar mesh types, colors and custom coating finishes, Phantom Screens provide full ventilation, protection from insects, shading from the sun and UV rays, and enhanced privacy without detracting from your home’s appearance.

Phantom Screens for Doors:  Front doors, double French doors, sliders, single in-swing and out-swing doors

Enjoy the benefits of having a screen door without detracting from your home’s appearance with a traditional screen door.  Since Phantom Screens remain retracted and stored off to one side of the door opening when not in use, they also eliminate the hassle of having a second door to pass through when going in or out of your home.

Windows – Serene Screens : Insect and solar protection for single and double hung windows, casement windows, sliding windows

Enjoy unobstructed views through your windows with Serene Screens.  Since screens can reduce views and light by over 45%, this problem is eliminated by retracting the Serene Screens away when not needed.   A variety of mesh options from insect mesh to complete blackout materials are available.

Screens for Large Openings – Executive: Porches and patios, gazebos, garage doors, folding and sliding window walls

Our Larger Screens retract with the push of a button, Executive Screens transform an outdoor space into a screened in living area.  Options including recessed installation make Executive Screens a versatile solution for large areas for both insect and solar protection.

Check out our selection of   Phantom Screens for doors,  Serene Screens for Windows, and Executive Screens for large openings.

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